Solar Fire Concentration Ltd

Our aim is to break the cost-barriers currently limiting deployment of solar thermal technologies in both industrial and local entrepreneurial applications.

By developing truly cost-effective, scalable and efficient solar thermal technology it’s possible to significantly reduce carbon-emissions, deforestation, water-born diseases and air-pollution.

SFCO designs solar systems and provides thermal and optical engineering to help you streamline your participation in the solar revolution.

Thermal & Optical Modelling

We use our in-house software providing numerical modelling adaptable to any problem.

Fabrication Methods

We provide production work-flow adapted to your production capabilities.

Control and Automatisation

We provide PCI chip programming for control of optical and thermal systems, network capable with multiple sensor input and control outputs.


CAD based construction designs adapted to your production workflow.

Data Visualization and Web Design

Web-integrated solutions at the intersection of mathematical and finite-element analysis, communication and responsive web design.

Solar Consultancy and Studies

If you’re wondering if Solar Fire Concentration is right for your project, or a second opinion on a different technology, we can provide the complete study of your application or problem.