About SFCO

Our mission is to minimize the damage of climate change by breaking down the barriers to solar energy access.

Through innovative design and a focus on accessibility we are overcoming the cost and complexity barriers currently limiting global viral deployment of solar thermal technologies in humanitarian, commercial and industrial contexts.

Founded by Eva and Eerik Wissenz, the company develops and spreads the solar fire technology through commercial and humanitarian channels.

Solar Fire Concentration OY (ltd.) is a social company based in Tampere, Finland, business ID 2474214-8.


Arnaud Crétot, France


Arnaud has a Masters in Thermal and Energy Engineering from PolyTech Nantes, France. After his studies, he has visited over 50 energy projects in the EU and Asia. He has 3 years of experience in solar thermal system design and auditing. He joined the company in 2014 and he brings passion and rigor to any technical developments.

Eerik Wissenz, Finland

Executive Chairman

Co-founder and Chairman of Solar Fire Concentration Oy. Finn and Canadian, Eerik grew up in Canada and studied mathematics at Ottawa and Carleton University. Quickly took a hiatus to dedicate himself to developing solar thermal technologies. Eerik developed solar concentrators in Mexico, Cuba, India and EU. Eerik has the vision of a fair solar thermal economy and he’s in charge of the strategy and the development of the company.

Eva Wissenz, Finland

Managing Director, CEO

Co-founder and Managing Director of Solar Fire Concentration Oy. Eva has a Masters degree in Literature. She studied and taught at La Sorbonne University, Paris, France. She has 15 years experience in French media, publishing and cultural events. She also did a lot of volunteer work and has developed solar concentrators in India and the EU. She brings her enthusiasm and strong experience in communication, logistics and team management.

Heikki Lindfors, Finland

Field Operations

Heikki has a Masters in Energy Technology from Lappeenranta University of Technology. He specializes in distributed energy, and has previously worked with industrial process energy efficiency, as well as energy economics and energy solutions in developing markets. He has dedicated his career to bring affordable renewable energy to all people worldwide.

Lorin Symington, Canada

Project Manager, Prototyping & Fieldwork

Lorin has extensive international experience designing and developing small scale solar concentrators and adapting them to regional needs (Mexico, Cuba, Mali, Haiti, Canada and Finland). His technological and fabricating experience is primarily geared to developing world contexts and he is passionate about helping everyone around the world to reach their potential.

Urs Riggenbach, Switzerland

Project Manager, Partnerships, IT

Urs has an international Baccalaureate from the United World College, India and BA in Human Ecology from the College of Atlantic, US. Urs is a professional web-designer and coder. He has developed solar concentrators in Nepal and EU. Always willing to challenge himself, he can’t rest until the world is a better place for all.

Will Cleaver, United Kingdom

Project Manager, CAD, Construction Planning & Supervising

William has a degree in maths and languages from the University of Hull, UK. He has worked in Design (CAD), Construction and Fabrication in the US & UK, project planning, logistics and management of industrial sites. William has developed solar concentrators in two different states in India, in Switzerland and Finland.


David Brohall, Sweden


David holds a Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship as well as Automation and Mechatronics. He is a serial entrepreneur and investor in the energy and engineering sector. Having founded and managed a handful of companies, David brings experience both on the managerial as well as the technical level.

Gabriela Schenker, Switzerland


Gabriela holds a Masters in Ecology from the University of Basel, Switzerland. She has worked in environmental education departments of NGOs and public agencies, developing teaching materials and exhibitions. As an environmental consultant she advises citizens on how to energetically optimize their homes.

Jussi Laitinen, Finland


Jussi has a Master’s degree in Journalism from University of Jyväskylä in Finland, with minors in ecology and development research. He has written two books about energy and climate change, and worked as communications consultant with several major Finnish companies and government agencies. Jussi has won several environmental and journalism awards.


Solar Fire Concentration Oy
Business ID: 2474214-8
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33410 Tampere - Finland

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